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What are Similar Smokeless Cigarettes?

Similar Smokeless Cigarettes are an alternative to a cigarette that can be smoked anywhere.

Similar is like a cigarette because:

  • The size is the same
  • The filter is similar
  • The pack is similar
  • The nicotine is similar
  • It's smoked in the same way

Similar is better than a cigarette because:

  • Can be used anywhere, it's not lit
  • NO tar and NO tobacco
  • It's cheaper
  • Doesn't leave a smell on clothes or breath

Similar is better than other smokeless cigarettes because:

  • It looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette
  • It's more hygienic, once it's used, throw it away
  • It has no electronics

Remember - it's not a cigarette, it's similar!

How does it work?
  • Fresh alternative to Smoking - same smoking experience without the health risks. Made in the EU.
  • The Nicotine and Tobacco flavor is in the filter, smoked. in the same way as traditional cigarette.
  • Not electric, no batteries, no charging. Just put them in your pocket like a pack of cigarettes.
  • No vapour - you can smoke anywhere without appearing to smoke, but still enjoy the sensation.
  • Feels like a cigarette - Similar cigarettes are the same size and feel of a traditional cigarette.

What is so different between an E-Cigarette and SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes?

SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes are not like E-Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes have electronic apparatus such as a battery and heating element (like you would find in an Electric Kettle). SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes do not have any of this!

SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes deliver nicotine using food flavorings and nanobeads found in everyday food products. When inhaled the nicotine is released to satisfy the `smokers` nicotine cravings. E-Cigarettes usually deliver the nicotine by heating up and vaporizing it after which the user inhales the Nicotine Vapour.

SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes do not have any of this. There is no need to charge a battery, top up the nicotine or endanger yourself by placing these items against your lips. They require no flame or additional apparatus to work, just put them in your pocket like a pack of cigarettes and use them whenever you like! SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarettes are to be used anywhere you want - Planes, Trains, Camping trips, Bars, Taxis, Restaurants, or even at your place of work. They don't leave a smell on your clothes or breath.

There is no metal or plastic in a SIMILAR Smokeless Cigarette and they are disposable. This also makes them more hygienic and hassle free, once used you simply throw them away. They are the same size and feel as a traditional cigarette unlike E-Cigarettes which can be rather large and bulky in comparison.